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Original Paintings by Jem

A great souvenir to take home with you after your stay.

Original oil and watercolour paintings for sale to The Hide guests. 

About me: together with my husband Geraint, I run eco-camping site The Hide in Pembrokeshire. In my spare time, I like to paint the wild and wonderful seascapes, landscapes and wildlife of our local area using either watercolour or oil paints. I love the spontaneity of the watercolours, and how each design dries in its own free-flowing, unique way. Oils are more photo - realistic and precise, and are a great way for people to take home and cherish a piece of their favourite Pembrokeshire place.

All paintings are mounted and glass framed so all you need to do is find the perfect place in your home to hang it up.

Guests of The Hide: If you'd like to purchase any of my Paintings during your stay, let me know and I will reserve your painting for you to take home.

swallowtail butterfly.jpg
Available Paintings For Sale
Original Watercolour/Pencil Butterfly
Mounted and Framed


Original Watercolour Robin
Mounted and framed 


Original Watercolour Lapwing
Mounted and Framed

Original Watercolour Horse
Mounted and Framed

Original Watercolour Dragonflies
Mounted and Framed

Original Pencil Drawing Owl
Mounted and framed

Original Watercolour Avocet
Mounted and Framed

Original Watercolour Pheasant
Mounted and Framed
Original Watercolour Bee
Mounted and Framed

Original Watercolour Dragonfly
Mounted and Framed

Original Watercolour Peacock
Mounted and Framed
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